Our Infrastructure

Our Employees

Tambuka is dedicated to the belief that the most important resource is people who respond positively to recognition, involvement and opportunities for personal and career development. We are most productive and fulfilled in an environment where we empower and are empowered to act. We encourage a team approach with mutually supportive relationships based on our company’s values and principles.

Our employees are talented, action-oriented people who are enthusiastic, honest, open and hardworking, who want to do their jobs well and who expect their co-workers to do likewise. Above all, our employees accept responsibility and accountability for their own growth, behavior and performance.

Our Customers

The company that fails its customers, fails. We are superior to our competitors in providing the highest value to our customers at a fair price. We stay close to our customers, tell them the truth and earn their business every day. Superior service built this company. Superior service will continue to be our central policy and philosophy. We will be vigorous, tough, ethical competitors.

Tambuka will supply our customers with superior services, speciality products and systems that are safe and reliable. We will advertise and promote our services and products in a professional and ethical manner and support them with well-trained people. Our commitment to customers is to deliver only those products and services that Tambuka genuinely believes will meet or exceed their expectations, and will contribute positively to their profitability.

Our Organization

Tambuka is an organization that is flexible, innovative, responsive and entrepreneurial. To accomplish this, we create decentralized business units which have great freedom, within corporate strategy and policy limits, to develop their own business strategies and plans and to achieve agreed upon objectives. We always anticipate a changing environment.

We are committed to the concept of continual improvement. We seek to concentrate our efforts on providing services and products which have measurable benefits over state- of-the-art. We will organize around the needs of our business units and provide only those central services which are essential to our growth, the protection of our company assets or provide significant advantages in terms of quality and cost.