Our Values

Market Factors

The three major factors driving the marketplace today is efficiency, convenience and security. These are the principles on which Tambuka was founded. These three principles are applied to everything we do, and as a result our products are refined into turnkey solutions that exceed our clients’ requirements every single time.

Due to the shortage of locally available project management and information technology companies that are able to understand the constraints of the local information technology sector, such as limited bandwidth, low computer literacy and dollar-related costs of imported solutions, a definite gap existed for a new approach to technological advancement and business growth.

Founding Values

Tambuka was formed as a Trust that consolidates the knowledge of available talent in the Free State, and to harness and develop local information technology skills for the local market.

Tambuka a leading innovator, developer and marketer of worldwide services, products and systems. We provides a superb and valuable service through substantial and tangible contributions towards the business success and growth of all our customers.

This approach results in realising the maximum value of Information Technology at a competitive price.

Company Ideals
  • Trust in all stakeholders: Employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • A sense of fair business negotiation in which all parties benefit on an equitable basis.
  • Professional approach to all aspects of work.
  • Encouragement of staff to maximise their potential.
  • Respect for individual rights in business and personal lives.
  • Business success and growth.